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It’s been said that music is the language of the soul, a concept DJ Geez has taken to heart throughout their career as a professional in the music industry. Explore their portfolio to see the work that showcases the highlights of their musical experience and tracks their creative development. 


Who is DJ Geez

Glenn hershal simmons aka DJ Geez is a Man with Ambition

Born March 17th 1989 from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. In his long dejaying journey of twelve years, DJ Geez had the golden opportunity to DJ for state property Peedi crakk and hall of fame Shaquille O’Neal on his radio station Shaq-fu Radio. Geez started dejaying when he was twenty years old. In the beginning, he honed his talent and had fun being the DJ in family cookouts and neighborhood parties.

However, as he started exploring his skills and began moving around Philadelphia, Geez started getting booked for bigger events like festivals and major concerts. DJ Geez claims that things have been easier for him than for most people out there. The reason for Geez’s success will be his skills and expertise in music. He plays drum, piano, and even auto saxophone for his church.

Geez, can also be seen rapping to the beats of "Whine It Up" and "Right Now". Apart from his profession, he has amassed huge popularity due to his infectious personality. He is also given the title of "The Club King" in Philadelphia. As critics say, it won't be wrong to call him the most underground DJ of 2021.

DJ Geez has gained the attention of many popular celebs and opened up for some of the most popular artists of this era including YG, French Montana, Chinx, and Slim 400.  Despite his underground profile, DJ Geez has gained mainstream attention from the Hip Hop community and also follower by mainstream artist from his Twitter account djgeez215.

The real-time DJ was once called Glenn Hershal Simmons Jr Thanks to his church or his abilities, Geez has always stayed close to music. He learned and experimented with many instruments as a child. He has been making news since hitting the scene in 2010 and garnered himself a notorious name of The Club King. This year 2022 he recently got signed to Jake strain record label called swaggertown records and trizzy record label ruby recordings as an artist and dj. 

However, the crowned DJ didn't let this mainstream attention get to his head. He stayed true to talent all while keeping a humble side. Since his mixes have been played on Shaq-Fu radio, he gained a huge international audience. People are calling him the fastest rising DJ of the decade by seeing his rapidly improving dejaying skills.

It seems that DJ Geez has politely managed to earn all the titles. From being the fastest riser to ultimate club king, he has been rocking all the clubs of Philadelphia and is set to do a lot more in the future. DJ Geez has the amazing ability to spin 90s Hip Hop and R&B. He can also put a spin on anything and everything, be it dance, electronic, classic soul, or contemporary hip hop; the club king can make you lose your feet with his mixes.

From being the family DJ of the neighborhood to being in the limelight of the underground world which we call dejaying, Geez has lived up to his dreams and visions. The club king doesn’t only believe to live in the moment but he truly implements this ideology in his life.

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DJ Geez has been featured on many notable platforms such as, The Source, All Hip Hop, This Is 50, The Hype Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, & more!


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